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All Aboard Benefits: Provides international travel medical insurance for missionaries, tour groups, individuals outside your home country.

Ask a Missionary: The askamissionary newsletter (it’s free!) answers your questions with responses from missionaries around the world. Once a month your e-mail in-box will receive a message bursting with answers from real-life missionaries to questions such as … How can I know if God is calling me overseas? I’m afraid of raising support. What do I do? etc. A unique tool that allows church planters, missionaries and other leaders to present their vision online, using state of the art technology.

Community Insurance Agency: Offers International Travel Medical Insurance for missionaries and pastors, including quote comparisons and several plans.

Crisis Consulting, International: Providing security-related training and consultation services; assisting Christian organizations with specific needs, such as event security, protection of personnel and investigation of hostile acts; and serving as consultants and hostage negotiators for Christian organizations during crises such as kidnappings.

Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) has products and services designed specifically for missionaries. Whether overseas, stateside, or at the home office, ECCU makes the task of banking convenient and safe. Founded in 1964, ECCU is the only financial institution in the world focused on serving the needs of field workers seeking to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have made it our business to provide friendly and helpful health insurance consultation and representation to long term missionaries, short term missionaries, and mission organizations around the world. Our website provides helpful information for all types of missionary groups about the insurance plans they need.

Institute for Cross Cultural Training (ICCT): Equips Christians to meet some of the principal challenges of cross-cultural ministry. Through an on-campus summer school program located at Wheaton College, publications, special workshops, and consulting, we focus on three key areas: learning a new language, teaching English as a second/foreign language, and communicating effectively across cultural boundaries.

Insurance for Missionaries: Directory of agencies that advertise health, life, and travel products for individuals, families or groups, whether for short term or career purposes (developed by Mission

Mission Prep: MI Canada is affiliated with Missionary Training International (MTI), based in Colorado. For the past eight years a number of mission agencies in Eastern Canada have been seeking to establish co-operative Pre-Field Training for their missionaries. Under the organizational umbrella of MI Canada, and now Missionprep, this training has expanded and in 1999 over seventy missionaries were trained for effective cross-cultural ministry.

Missionary Resource Center (MRC) is a website provided by Emercy as a means for missionaries to find articles, links, and phone numbers for a wide variety of missionary resources, supplies, and gear. The newest version allows missionaries from all over the world to contribute resources through a web-based control panel.

Missionary Resources Connection: Based in Columbia, S.C., they offer a variety of services to area missionaries. These include: A resourcing center for housing, cars, and professional referrals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.); fellowship opportunities (e.g. a weekly missionary women's Bible study); MK ministry (two summer retreats in August for college freshmen); various seminars, workshops, retreats for adults including SYIS, Re-entry & Renewal,Mental Health and Missions, etc.

Missionary Shipping: Links to travel agents who have experience working with missionaries (developed by Mission International Health, Life and Travel Insurance for Missionaries Traveling or Living Overseas.

Missions Fest: a catalyst to enable people to catch a vision of the Great Commission spoken by Jesus in Matthew's gospel (28:19,20); to help people find a place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use. Its three-fold purpose is to inform, celebrate and challenge people of all ages to get involved in missions by sending, praying, giving and going.

Missions Resource Directory Yellow Pages of mission resources: Extensive list of resources sorted alphabetically by topic.

People (support raising books/materials)

Scruples: The Scruples Web Site is dedicated to equipping Christians in the marketplace with helpful information, Biblical principles and business skills. Scruples provides a wealth of resources for Christians in business; professional practice or career employment. Visitors can browse a library of teaching resources, explore a network of marketplace ministries offering help and fellowship, pick from various Christ centered company policies or check out the FAQS Forum Mailbox for answers to common dilemmas and questions.

World Christian Resource Directory: The purpose of this website is to provide information and resources on how you can reach your world for Jesus and other useful information for Christians. This web site provides information on resources in many different languages.

Worldview Resource Group: The purpose of WRG is to provide equipping, training, and consulting in cross-cultural church planting methodologies with a particular focus on a worldview approach.

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