Theology of Mission



Association of Professors of Mission theology course syllabi

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary: MHT 529: Theology of Mission

Fuller School of World Mission: MT520: Biblical Foundations of Mission

Maynooth College (Ireland): MS101: The Theology of Mission

Southern Nazarene University: Theology of Missions (Syllabus)

Wheaton College: Intercultural Studies Catalogue 


Evangelical Missions Quarterly*

Joy Anderson, Behold the Ox of God?

Peter Beyerhaus, The Theology of Salvation at Bangkok

Lois Fuller, The Missionary's Role in Developing Indigenous Christian Theology

David Hesselgrave, Redefining Holism

Tom Julien, The Essence of the Church

Charles Kraft, The Contextualization of Theology

Fran Love, What the New Testament Taught Me about Models for Ministry

Kenneth McElhannon, Don't Give up on the Incarnational Model

Darrow Miller, Biblical Holism: Critiquing a Critique

Bryant Myers, Another Look at 'Holistic Mission': A Response

Bruce Nicholls, Toward An Asian Theology of Mission

David Zac Niringiye, Jerusalem to Antioch to the World: A Biblical Missions Strategy

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