World Christian Video Directory: The WVCD is a non-profit ministry provided to help missionariesand evangelists world wide. The goal is a thorough listing of video and other resources that preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all known languages.

Create International: Create International, as a frontier mission communication ministry, is committed to produce culturally and linguistically appropriate evangelistic tools to equip workers reaching out to Unreached Peoples.

D.E.R. Videos: Dedicated to the production, distribution and promotion of quality ethnographic and documentary films from around the world.

Docuseek: DocuSeek is a searchable database for documentary, social issue, and educational videos. Constructed with the needs of video users in mind, DocuSeek allows you to search for videos by grade level, length, filmmaker, and other specific characteristics in addition to the key word search most search engines use. DocuSeek 'finds' include complete title information, a detailed description, reviews and awards. And, DocuSeek simplifies the ordering process by providing direct links to the distributors.

F H Videos: More than 7,000 video, CD-ROM, and videodisc programs cover a broad range of subject areas appropriate for schools, colleges, and public libraries. Nowhere else will you find both the breadth and the depth represented in this collection—and these programs are available with public performance rights only from Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

Library Video.Com (Schlessinger Media): Educational video provider.

Third World Newsreel Videos: Founded in 1967, Third World Newsreel is one of the oldest alternative media arts organizations in the United States. Committed to the creation and appreciation of independent and social issue media by and about people of color, and the peoples of developing countries around the world.

Other Video Sources