Intercultural Communication

Resources Focused on Intercultural Communication


"Cross-Cultural Communication" by Michele LeBaron

Culture and Communication: A Primer for Instructors (Medicine Hat College)

A Dozen Rules of Thumb
for Avoiding Intercultural Misunderstandings (Elmar Holenstein)

“Intercultural Research: The Current State of Knowledge” by Stephan Dahl

Wikipedia: Intercultural Communication


CARLA Bibliography


Intercultural Communication Institute Bibliographies

SIL Bibliography: Cross-Cultural Communication


Intercultural Communication Studies

International Journal of Intercultural Relations

Journal of Intercultural Communication

Journal of Intercultural Communication Research

Journal of World Anthropology

Language and Intercultural Communication

Focused Websites


Culture Values: Hoftstede Rankings for All Countries/Regions

Geert Hofstede links

A Hot-List on Cross-Cultural Communication

How Americans Communicate

Intercultural Communications Institute

Intercultural Communication Portal

Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR)


MavicaNET: Global and Intercultural Communications

Yahoo: Intercultural Communication

Sample Missions Articles

The ABCs of American Culture

Evangelical Missions Quarterly*

Robert C. Gordon. "The Silent Language Every Missionary Must Learn." 9:4 (1973): 230-236.
Gary Scheer. "How to Communicate in a Relational Culture." 31:4 (1995): 470-474.

International Journal of Frontier Missions:

Rick Brown. "How to Make Oral Communication More Effective." 21:4 (2004).
David J. Hesselgrave "Worldview, Scripture, and Missionary Communication." 14:2 (1997)


Fujita, Neil S. "Conic Christianity and 'Donut' Japan." 22:1 (1994).
David Greenlee and James Stuck. "Individualist Educators in a Collectivist Society: Insights from a Cross-cultural Model Applied to China." 32:4 (2004).

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