General Resources

Contextualization Annotated Bibliography (Searchable) an extensive bibliography of over 2,200 sources with annotations and organized by topics, regions, etc.

Indigitech: Indigitech is a database of resources and information to prepare and equip you for cross-cultural ministry.

MisLinks Contextualization of Theology page

MisLinks Contextualization for Islam page

MisLinks Storying the Gospel page

A Few Selected Articles

African Theology and Social Change (dissertation) Ian Ritchie's doctoral dissertation on the relationship between changing social conditions in Africa and the development of contextual theologies there. The dissertation includes a comprehensive bibliography of works in both English and French on African Theology (Part 1 Part 2).

Contextualization: An Introduction (Dr. Ed. Rommen) Overview of contextualization from an Orthodox perspective.

Contextualization: Building Bridges to the Muslim Community by Jim Leffel. This paper seeks to unite sending church, mission organization and field team on the nature and extent of contextualization among Muslims. We believe that the strongly held consensus of these three parties is essential to long-term effectiveness. We consider models of contextualization as it relates to Islam, critical problems with these models, and strategic application of the model we advocate.

Essays in African Theology "Bible and Culture in African Theology" is an essay that appeared in International Review of Mission in 1998.

The Missionary Principles of Paul and How They Should Apply Today (In a day when many mission organizations are reassessing their strategies for world evangelisation it is perhaps appropriate to examine more closely the methods of the man who is credited with bringing Christianity to Europe. . . )

"Christian Revolution in Latin America: The Changing Face of Liberation Theology." by Ron Rhodes.

The Dramatic Arts in Missions article in Mission Frontiers by Rick Wood and Dave Geisler (Cover Story for March-April 1997): What do St. Patrick, "Take My Life" (a hymn written by Francis Ridley Havergal), John Wesley, and a troupe of the voluntarily mute have in common?!? They are all being used in uncommon ways to build God's Kingdom, AND they are all featured in this unique article. See how some artists are using very creative talents to communicate the everlasting message and mobilize vision.


Caucus on Biblically Informed Missions Thought-provoking paper which opposes contextualization.

Contextualized Ministry

Chronological Bible Storying resources provided by the International Mission Board (IMB), SBC, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS)

DramaShare (site for sharing dramas among Christians; Looking for royalty-free scripts, or looking for assistance in writing scripts, makeup, lighting and sound, mime, puppetry, clowning, choral reading, interpretive movement, we believe you will find help and worldwide support here. If you are interested in initiating, or improving, an amateur-based, Christ-centered dramatic arts ministry, we have the proven materials, manuals and support to assist you.

Internet Evangelism Day (explains principles and ideas of how to use the WWW for evangelism)

Redemptive Analogies links (explains core idea and provides links to multiple sites which make use of redemptive analogies)

ROX35 Media (Comix35) Comics for use in Christian Ministry, including stats and facts of comic use around the world.

The Storytelling Ring ("The Storytelling Ring is a ring of sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories." You will want to visit their List Sites to see what other Web-pages are available.)

Tribal Winds Focused on reaching Native Americans and the indigenous peoples of the Pacific rim with a culturally relevant understanding of the Gospel.

Virginia postmodern church plant

Willow Creek Community Church A searchable database on messages, dramas, etc. from Willow Creek (allows downloading of the dramas, etc.)

Myth Sites

Africa Myth Connections (Yale-New Haven Teaching Institute)

African Proverbs and Stories

American Folklore Society Homepage Includes a folklore search engine.

Bulfinch's Mythology Text on-line.

Chinese Historic Legends and Tales  (another collection of 25 Chinese myths)

Chinese Myths and Fantasies (China Vista collection of Chinese myths; the related link at the bottom of the page gives themes, an historical overview, etc.)

Culture and Tradition Canadian Graduate Student Journal of Folklore and Ethnology

De Proverbio Founded in January 1995 as the world's first refereed electronic journal of international proverb studies, De Proverbio (Latin: About the Proverb) soon became a book publisher also, devoted to paremiology (study of proverbs) and paremiography (collection of proverbs). It publishes: scholarly articles, studies and reviews old and new mono- and multilingual proverb collections extensive international bibliographies literary works which make notable use of proverbs

Egyptian myth text

Eldrbarry's Storytelling Pages (A Christian storyteller who weaves biblical messages into "secular" stories)

Encyclopedia Mythica (A searchable online encyclopedia of myth, folklore, and legend)

Folk and Fairy Tales (A large collection of links maintained by a professor of Germanic languages at Pitt)

Folklore, Myth, and Legend Comprehensive access to different stories, as well as sites with historical information about folklore.

French Fairy Tales Resource Page Links to multiple sites with reviews of the sites

Gods, Heros and Myth This site is primarily a source for mythologies of various lands...also called religion. It contains information on the mythologies of the world.

Jamacian Proverbs "Old Time Tellin's: A Closer Look At Jamaican Proverbs" (article with selected proverbs)

Indian Folklore As compiled by Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra

Librarians' Index to the Internet Mythology Links (More than a dozen important mythology links, including an encyclopedia, several directories, and specific resources.)

Myth Matters Why C. S. Lewis's books remain models for Christian apologists in the 21st century. Lewis bequeathed us a method and a language for sharing the gospel with the modern and postmodern world. Long but insightful.

Mything Links Annotated and illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales and folklore, sacred arts and traditions.

Oceanic Mythology (Full text)

Palestinian Folklore Homepage Palestinian songs, proverbs, stories and information on Palestine and Islam.

Polynesian mythology (Full text)

Religious Mythology Links (From Rutgers Virtual Religion Pages)

Russian Folk Tales and Folk Belief

Russian Proverbs and Sayings

Storytelling: Why Do It? Is It an Essential Skill for Missionaries? (Tom Steffen article in Mission Frontiers)


African Traditional Religions and the Promotion of Community-Living in Africa This paper discusses the religious dimension of community in the traditional African background. Several myths relate the founding of community as well as shed light on certain symbol objects and forms that feature prominently in the ritual network of the people. I will try to show how such relevant ritual forms and symbols, are employed by Africans to enhance the ideal of community I shall also be interested in finding out how certain punitive sacred sanctions like ostracisation, help to curb deviance, and indirectly advance the cause of harmonious communal life. I propose to conclude the paper by examining the phenomenon and impact of radical social change on the role of traditional African religions in promoting the community ideal in contemporary Africa.

Religious Sites (see also Religions)

Christian Doctrine Explained for Muslims Articles and links to the topic.

Directory of Comparative Religion (This site is a directory of Web sites focused on the academic study of religion; it has MANY links and branches, most with with an academic bent)

Haitian Art Wing (Art gallery of paintings by Haitian artists showing rich visual images of worldview from the Haitian perspective.)

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (This site provides links to alternate forms of spirituality; for research in primary sources, follow the links to Occultism, Satanism, Wicca, etc.)

Religions of the World Site (Another site of links to Web pages of religions).

Watchman Index (Christian site listing major religious groups and terminology with very brief definitions/descriptions).

Zoroastrian Doctrines and Rituals (article)


Anthropology Electronic Journals

Bulletin for Contextual Theology (University of Natal, South Africa)

Crossroads Online Journal

Culture and Tradition: Canadian Graduate Student Journal of Folklore and Ethnology

Ethnodoxology journal

To All Men All Things (A journal of intercultural communication to Hindu peoples)

Ethnomusicology (see also MisLinks Arts page)


Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music University of Washington

Integrated approach to Missions and Music:

Music in World Cultures Focus is on teaching people about worshiping God in their own musical language.

Miscellaneous  Sites

Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University

Gospel Light International Sunday School materials for the Russian Orthodox context.

Bibliography on worldview Basic bibliography on Christian Foundations and Worldview under the general frame of the integration of faith and learning from Union University.

Balaza Man of Faith in Uganda book by Greg Taylor. A fictional account of Balaza, who must choose between two worlds in Uganda. The world of sin or the world of life in Christ. But temptations never stop for the man who chooses to serve Christ. Will Balaza’s faith stand through temptation, scandal and suffering? An excerpt of the book is available and the book can be purchased through Xlibris.