Contextualization of Theology

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Asian Liberation Theologies
Asian Theologies
Chinese Theologies
Gospel and Culture

Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Asian TheologiesDalit TheologiesMinjung Theologies

Japanese Evangelical Contemporary Theology (in English)


Sample Articles

Communicating the Concept of Sin in the Chinese Context

Contextualization of the Gospel in Taiwan: My Agony

The Contextual Christian: Channappa D. Uttangi

The Development of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Contextualization in Northeast Thailand

Doing Theology among Cambodian Refugees

Doing Theology among Filipino Peasant-Farmers

Doing Theology among the Ibanags

Doing Theology in a Chinese Context

The Impact of Medellin and Puebla on Asian Theology

Jesus, My Master: "Jesu Bhakta" Hindu Christian Theology

Making Salvation Concrete and Jesus Real Trends in Asian Christology

Theological Contributions of Sino-theology to The Global Christian Community

Together towards the Kingdom: An Emerging Asian Theology (Catholic regional report)

Toward an Asian Theology of Mission

North America and Europe

General Resources Sites

NSM KnowledgeBase articles:

Black Theologies
Gospel and Culture
Native American Liberation Theologies
Native American Theologies
Russian Theologies

Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Western TheologiesWestern Minority Theologies


Sample Articles

Contextualization Frustration: Why Young Adults Blow Off the Church

The Gospel of Genocide and the Good News of Jesus Christ: From Victim to Victor in First Nations Ministry


Postmodern Contextualization

Gospel and Culture Network

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Emerging Church/Emerging Culture resource Postmodern Culture

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