Sites and resources to help you visualize, dramatize, and express your worship more fruitfully.

Cape Town 2010 Resources

A wide variety of valuable papers, discussion groups, videos and resources feeding into the main topics of the 2010 Cape Town congress.


Links to general resources on contextualization; selected articles and journals; examples of contextualized ministries and ethnomusicology; and links to religions, myth and rituals sites. 

Contextualization of Theology

Gateways, repositories and collections of resources; discussions, articles and journal archives; and contextualization sites by world region.

Intercultural Communication

Resources to strengthen your intercultural communication skills and understanding, including journals, articles and bibliographies; directories and databases; and simulations and training exercises.


Photo archives of denominations, agencies, educational institutions and other sources of images, along with articles related to missions photography.


Resources on biblical storying, storying in general, myth and folklore, and proverbs and sayings.


Need a video for a presentation? We provide access to Christian and educational video publishers so that you can browse to see what's available.